Saturday, October 08, 2005

feedmap BlogMap Geocoding

This is a GREAT site Feedmap for finding blogs around Ann Arbor,
or any other location! Check it out! The site emphasizes networking (socially)
and shows both blogs and upcoming local events. It makes very attactive road-maps with the blogs geo-located on them.

This looks like the work of c h a n d u t h o t a, from India.

FeedMap = Blogs + Maps

Using FeedMap you can geo-code your blog, browse already geo-coded blogs and search for blogs. Once geo-coded, you can get your own BlogMap location using a simple url that allows you to network with your local bloggers and much more!

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Ann Arbor blogger , Great Map AA blog finder

An Ann Arbor Blogger user who has figured out how to
get rid of spam "The link below goes to a dummy account that automatically forwards email to the Federal Trade Commission's spam reporting service. Don't use it unless you are a robot. Instead, act like a human and figure out the real address from this:"

Check out his (Corpus-Callosum)'s map-finder for 64 local blogs!

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Ambient Findability, blogging on my Treo

Ambient Findability, and a techie who blogs on his Treo.

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University of Michigan Student's Community blog
This is one place to start looking at the UM blogging community.

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Finding Bloggers in Ann Arbor, or any other city

My how things grow. The paper "Mapping the Blogosphere in America" by Jia Lin and Alexander Halavais (SUNY Buffalo) (date unknown,at least 2003) lists 29,259 blogs they found, and Ann Arbor, with 368 was 8th in Rank in the USA. This agrees with other information about Ann Arbor I recall offhand,such as the 3 largest Macintosh User's groups in 1989 were Boston, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor.
This place is WIRED!

So, I went to the current Blogsearch, andI found this after a search of all blogs (above) for "Ann Arbor" (52,473 posts), "in Ann Arbor" (1,691 posts).

I found the site of Vacuum - Edward Vielmetti in Ann Arbor, who has 20 years IT experience in Ann Arbot, and is connected with the District LIbrary, the IT Zone, the Vacuum Group LLC, and the "Ann Arbor Bi Bim Bop (a2b3) thursday lunch group". He mentions

Plazes is a site "plazes" that lets you search for blogs geographically.

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Google announces RSS feed-reader

Google announces RSS feed-reader.

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Future of political Blogging

Link into where political blogging is going. This is David Kline's "". He says, "Last night I appeared on the conservative TV talk show The O'Reilly Factor, ... [ where they attached the blog Media Matters ]

I was actually eager to discuss how blogging was going to be as transformative of political campiagning as the advent of television was 50 years ago."

Six ways in which blogs have transformed the American political process.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

From 37 Signals blog

"37signals named a key player in Ajax alongside Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Tibco by Business 2.0 David Oct 05
34 comments Latest by Alex Aguilar

Business 2.0 just published a a feature called Seven Technologies That Change Everything with Ajax listed as number #1. In that write-up, the magazine names six companies as the key players: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Tibco, and, guess who!, 37signals. That’s quite a distinguished party to be part of. Anyone care to add up the combined market caps of that group?"

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Yoan ah? (we need a picture!)

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Feeds, RSS, and Microsoft Plans for Vista

A brief introduction to RSS and feeds between blogs, etc.

Thomas Hawk in his Digital Revolution site on an inside look at "Microsoft will Bring RSS to the Masses" (10/7/05 actually) "When I had dinner with Microsoft exec Jim Allchin earlier this year, pehaps the most talked about topic at dinner was RSS. Several of the dinner particpants work in the RSS space including both Bob Wyman from PubSub and Adam Hertz from Technorati. At the dinner Jim made it clear that through Vista, Microsoft was intending to bring RSS to the masses. "

Speaking of Bloglines for Share / Search / Subscribe / Publish :
建立個人 Bloglines 網頁,其中充滿有關您所喜愛的內容的最新新聞。

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cognition, memory, and blogs

This is just a memory for me of a fascinating cognitive science person
who also posts about blogs. Site:

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Technorati - who's citing a blog?

Technorati is a site that keeps track of which other sites
have posted links INTO a given blog. Might be useful.

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Virtual public library - blogs and bots

Current Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs:Agriculture Resources Intelligence Resources Resources
and many more - combinations of robot search engines and
continuously updated blogs conslidating the latest information on
100 subjects.

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Smart Mobs - geoaware mobile blogging

This is the "" blog.

Here's a public health application on the site.
Flu Wiki: (Just what Wade was looking for! - Influenza plans, surveillance, pandemic preparations, awareness, communication of
emergency plans, situation assessment from the field, etc.)

Continuing the public health experiment, Flu Wiki in association with the blogosphere will use October 3–9 as Pandemic Flu Awareness Week.

The purpose of Pandemic Flu Awareness Week, and the Flu Wik

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Treo 600 - mobile blog reading

Note this link on the right side of "the shifted librarian" site,
Sites I subscribe to on my Treo600 (mobile phone/pda/whatever it is).

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Blog Tools for Educators - an RSS

Blogging and RSS — The 'What's It?' and 'How To' of Powerful New Web Tools for Educators

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The Shifted

" Jenny Levine’s blog ( is read by thousands of librarians"

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Theoretical LIbrarian blogger site

Gerry McKiernan currently is an Associate Professor and serves as a Science and Technology Librarian and Bibliographer at Iowa State University

He recently launched the , a blog devoted to "current and emerging technologies and their actual and potential application for enhanced information and library services."

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Blog Evaluation Project - SI689

BlogWiki2005 Workshop / Conference. The conference in Florida was cancelled (hurricane?) but the description of the panel and purpose of the workshop is an interesting overview of blogs and related technology.
Note - blogwiki2005 IS a "blogspot" (made by "Blogger").

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Women Blog Developers

Use green arrow above to get to blogher, or another link to an
interesting post on blogs and women developers

I thought CC and Younah might find that very interesting.

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Suggested search for class project

There's a blogsearch button on the very top blue bar, and another one on the right side, under "Links". A search for "Michigan blogspot" or "umich blogspot" reveals many umich Blogger blogs.

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Emergent properties of blogosphere (live link)

One way to look at blogs is to look at the emergent properties of the blogosphere, on everything, versus looking at the 1-on-1 HCI type properties of the relationship of a single person to a single blog.

This gets into neural-nets and connectionism
and perceptrons/ expert systems.

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Peer-review converges on blogs

It's interesting to notice how journals are increasingly looking like blogs. While a PDF of a paper is available, with the references in the back, it's becoming standard for the references to have hot links to the source articles, and even for the links to be live in the body of the paper itself. So the papers are becoming more OPEN, and Google-like, in that they EXPECT the reader to branch out from this article they're reading and go look at the reference source RIGHT NOW, and then come back. THAT MEANS, by the way, that MULTITHREADED BROWSERS, like FIREFOX, are MUCH better at supporiting this ("open 8 links in new tabs" while I'm reading along here) instead of INTERNET EXPLORER, that only comprehends a "open entirely new WINDOW") and fills your screen with windows. The single-threaded thinking versus multi-threaded thinking architectures are quite different models of how people work.

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Blogs as open-source thinking

This is a thread for comments on blogs as a new method of "open-source" thinking - that is, thinking in public, visibly, but more structured than brainstorming. A single person controls the voice, the pace, and the tone and even the content - but it's a multi-person collaborative activity.

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Blog network power

It seems to me that what's amazinging powerful about blogs is not a single blog, but the active networks of blogs that interconnect, and then turn on RSS feeds for automatic updating, send me your top five posts automatically, notify me if anyone comments on this, etc.

So, one thing blogs should be really good for is "STAYING CURRENT" on any fast-moving subject,whether it's a hurricane, an epidemic or hurricane, a political event, or a movie star's latest romance. Blog = gossip, except with filters and aggregators and automatic logging and archiving.
Connecting into a blog network is an AWARENESS enhancer. For students in any hot field, such as biotechnology, it's a place for news that you don't want to be the last to know about. Maybe that's one compelling reason to plug-in.

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Google's Blog on Blogging (click arrow)

Google's Blog on blogging. I'm closing in on finding the BLOG development team at Google so we can at least follow them, if not contact them. If this is working the tiny green arrow should take you to this linked location.

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